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  • Misty Green – Burmese Jade, Yellow Calcite, Amazonite, Tridacna


    Burmese jade

    • Signifies wisdom gathered in tranquillity
    • Symbolizes Serenity, Longevity and warmth
    • Encourages one to become who you really are
    • Soothes the mind, releasing negative thoughts


    Yellow Calcite

    • Also known as a mind stone
    • Helps to clear the mind and increase personal motivation and drive
    • Increases memory and learning ability
    • Purifies and dispels negative energy



    • Helps to balance mood, brings calmness to the body and helps with pain relief
    • Dispels negative energy and helps to sooth emotions
    • Clears your mind and helps with concentration
    • Improves creativity and promotes inner peace


    White Tridacna

    • Helps to stabilize mood, eliminate worry, balance mental and physical states
    • Possess anti aging properties
    • Enhances the magnetic field of human body
    • Also known as a protection stone 


    Comes with a limited edition heart charm!

    Misty Green

    • As we all have different wrist sizes, it is highly recommended to measure your wrist before selecting our size variants from the drop down menu.

      Please contact us directly for sizes larger then 16cm as there will be an additional upcharge. Prices may varie depending on the gemstones used.

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