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Terms and Conditions

The crystals and gemstones used in Serenity Gems are 100% authentic and natural. Being natural stones, it is not possible for one stone to be identical with another. Any variegations are considered as part of the natural features of the crystals and gemstones. The actual product might vary slightly from the product photography due to lightings and perspective. At Serenity Gems, we take pride in our selection of crystals and gemstones and we assure that our crystals and gemstones are of the finest, relative to what we offer to our customers. We spend much time hand selecting our crystals from our trusted vendors, and we want you to feel the same with us.



Crystals are generally known to have metaphysical benefits. We at Serenity Gems do not recommend replacing conventional medicine with crystal healing. We believe the benefits of crystals is rather to complement and enhance healing by helping to boost positivity of the mind. Please consult your doctor or practitioner should you have any physical ailments that requires attention. The information on our website is a reference on the metaphysical benefits of different crystals, it will be each person’s responsibility to use that information to his or her own discretion.


Returns and Refunds

Please read the description of the crystal projects at the bottom of the product page. However, if there is a problem with your item, please reach out to us within 7 days and we’ll do our best to correct it in a timely manner. At Serenity Gems, we are here to create Happy & Returning Customers.


Sizes and Fit

The photography shown on our website will vary slightly depending on the size you select. The final product that you will receive will either be added with or subtracted crystal beads to create your preferred sizes.


Delivery and Tracking

Once the order is placed, we will take 7 working days or more (if overseas) to create the design pieces on the web page. Local delivery will take another 1-3 days for the order to reach your doorstep. A Tracking number will be issued once the fulfilled order has been handed over to the courier company.



For the elastic band pieces, you could mail back to us for restring and maintenance within the first 90 days upon receipt of order. The first restringing service is complimentary and thereafter, each subsequent restringing service will cost SGD12 inclusive of return postage. Customers will have to bear the return postage, preferably with tracking numbers to prevent packages lost in transit.


Care Tips

To care for your jewellery, please prevent any contact with any kind of liquids, especially liquids with alcohol content, such as perfumes or soapy water. To maintain the shine and natural beauty of the crystals and gemstones, customer could gently wipe the jewellery with a soft dry cloth. When wearing the bracelet, please do not tug or pull them up your wrist. To wear, kindly gently roll them up over your hand and roll them down your hand to remove them. Do not wear them for any water sports or during bath-time to avoid pre-mature tarnish of the hardware. Do refer to the SG Care Tips Card that comes with your jewellery.


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